Toner cartridges are in the form of powder which is a finely dried mixture of black or other coloring agents, plastic particles and carbon that prints actual image on the paper. Through electrostatically charged drum unit, Toner is transferred & fused into paper by heated roller during the process of printing. Samsung Toner Cartridges comes in different models which includes Z-1610, Z-1640, Z-1666, Z-1910, Z-2550, Z-4300 and Z-4521. Designed by keeping the planet in mind to ensure less waste and easy recycling, Samsung Toner Cartridges provides excellent print quality. 

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Z-1610 (SAMSUNG)

Z-1610ML1610.1615,1630,1631,1640,2240.4500..2010.2015,2020,2510,2570.2571N,Scx4210.4321. 4521.4725, .....

Z-1640 (SAMSUNG)

Z-1640 (SAMSUNG)Samsung ML1640 /2240.....

Z-1666 (SAMSUNG)

Z-1666ML 1666/ SCX 3201/3205/3206/3218/1660.....

Z-1910 (SAMSUNG)

Z-1910ML-1910/1911/1916K/1915K/1910K/2525K/2580NK  /  105 / SCX-4610K/4605K/1600K/4623K/46.....

Z-2550 (SAMSUNG)

Z-2550ML 2550 / 2551N / 2552W.....

Z-4300 (SAMSUNG)

Z-4300ML-1910/1911/1916K/1915K/1910K/2525K/2580NK  /  105 / SCX-4610K/4605K/1600K/4623K/46.....


Z-4521SCX 4521.....

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